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How are Russian Volume Lashes Different?

Russian Volume Lashes

Russian Volume Lash Extensions, commonly known as Russian Lashes, are a sophisticated method in the realm of lash extensions. The technique developed in Russia and soon acquired popularity worldwide due to its capacity to give clients thicker, fuller lashes. The beauty of Russian volume lashes has spread throughout the world because of their uniqueness.

In this blog, you will learn about the specialty of these lashes in detail.

What Are Russian Volume Lashes?

The core of Russian Volume is the fan-making process. It is a meticulous and exact lash craft practiced by professional lash specialists. With ultra-thin enhancements, experts methodically produce fans of any number, where the amount indicates the quantity of lashes in each fan. The trick is to produce volume while preserving the original lashes’ health and carrying weight capabilities.

What distinguishes Russian Volume from traditional individual mascaras is the amount of lashes put per organic lash and the consequent density. While traditional additions entail connecting a single lash extension to each native lash, Russian volume enables the insertion of several extensions. This results in a more voluminous and complex effect. 

How Unique Are Russian Volume Lashes? 

It is very different from typical lash extensions; it has meticulously applied several ultra-fine additions to just one natural lash, resulting in a fan-like look. Though the process is a bit complicated, the technique results in a voluminous appearance that charms people. 

The attractiveness of Russian volume lashes stems from their ability to provide a dramatic and beautiful look while maintaining the good condition of the natural lashes. You can choose it for its adaptability,with a variety of looks ranging from organic to striking. 

So to achieve a comfortable and realistic feel, you may go for ultra-thin lashes, between 0.03 and 0.07 mm. These are made of high-quality synthetic materials that have a luxurious appearance. 

This creates an essential and solid bond. If you want ease, seek out adhesives that cure quickly. The technique and material are a little different, giving it a unique feel.

Quick Benefits

Compared to regular extensions, these lashes appear fluffier and more voluminous. They also help bridge gaps caused by natural lash hair loss. Here are the quick perks you can look forward to:

  • Improved depth and swelling.
  • Scalable appears.
  • Durable effects with effortless elegance.


Russian Volume Lashes are a stunning and transforming technique to highlight your eyes and up your cosmetics game. With their amazing quantity, delicate appearance, and changeable appearances, they offer a dazzling and lasting option for producing thick, fluttery lashes. They complement your natural beauty and create a breathtaking, eye-catching effect. 

Katie’s Luxury Lashes takes delight in styling our clients’ own bespoke style. We accomplish this by examining the client’s eye and face form in order to develop their ideal style, as well as carefully selecting eyelash extension lengths and thicknesses that complement their natural lashes. Visit us to learn more!

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